Management Effectiveness

Assessing management effectiveness (the achievement of a planned effort or action) is a critical element of the management of sanctuaries. The Office of National Marine Sanctuaries assesses management effectiveness at the national, regional, and individual sanctuary levels through national program assessments and sanctuary management plan reviews. In drafting the 2011 management plan, Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (OCNMS) developed performance measures to better understand how well the sanctuary's goals and objectives were being met. OCNMS has committed to reporting to partners and the public annually on the implementation of the management plan, particularly on performance measure achievement.

2018 Internal Evaluation and FY 2011-2017 Implementation Report

In early 2018, OCNMS staff completed an internal evaluation of the progress made toward implementing the OCNMS Final Management Plan finalized in 2011. This evaluation demonstrates the sustained relevance of the goals, objectives, and priorities of the existing management plan. As part of this evaluation, OCNMS completed a FY11-17 Implementation Report that highlights major accomplishments and reports on the actual level of effort for each management plan strategy since 2011.

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