"In the end we will conserve only what we love. We love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught." -- Baba Dioum

The ocean has the power to astonish all of us with its mysteries and vast forces. For people of all ages, a trip to the beach is a visit to another world that exerts great pull on our curiosity. But we also know that we affect the ocean, for better or worse. Whether we simply want to understand the ocean more because of that curiosity, or we want to act in ways that conserve the ocean's resources, we all must become "ocean literate."

person holding a sea urchin

For Teachers

National marine sanctuaries aim to provide teachers with resources and training to support ocean literacy in classrooms.

teacher and students exploring an intertidal area

For Students

National marine sanctuaries are living classrooms that can be explored in person or through interactive digital labs and activities.

photo of collage of students doing different activities

Scholarships & Internships

NOAA offers many scholarships, internships, fellowships, and post docs for undergraduate and graduate students.

Students stand alongside a creek and look into it with wonder. There is a nearby walking bridge and a house located on the other side of the creek.


NOAA B-WET (Bay Watershed Education and Training Program) is an environmental education grant program that promotes meaningful watershed educational experiences in the K-12 environment.

Ocean Guardian programs banner

Ocean Guardian Programs

Ocean Guardian programs encourage children to explore their natural surroundings to form a sense of personal connection to the ocean and/or watersheds in which they live.

A family stands inside a visitor center looking at a model of a submersible research vessel that is on display along with various fish in the background

Olympic Coast Discovery Center

Olympic Coast Discovery Center, located on the Port Angeles waterfront, is a great place to begin your learning adventures on the Olympic Coast.