Research Vessels

A research vessel glides through nearshore waters.
R/V Storm Petrel. Photo: NOAA

Research Vessel Storm Petrel

R/V Storm Petrel is a 52-foot custom built catamaran, powered by twin Cummins engines. It has a capacity of 18 persons. It includes a large working space on the aft deck, both a wet laboratory for examining specimens and a dry laboratory for processing data, a conduction wire winch, hauling winch, deck crane, and J-frame/pot hauler. The main deck features a 5,000 pound A-frame for launching and recovering scientific equipment. This new research platform can therefore provide support for research concentrating on climate change and ocean acidification monitoring (including data collection on nearshore oceanographic conditions), seafloor mapping, habitat characterization, as well as monitoring the health of ocean resources and marine wildlife. In addition to research, R/V Storm Petrel can support a range of at-sea activities including technology testing, derelict gear recovery, and marine education and outreach activities, among others.

To request time on the R/V Storm Petrel, please register on the Sanctuary's Vessel Project Manager. Once registered, login to create a New Project Proposal for the "R/V Storm Petrel". For current availability or any other questions, please contact