Ocean Acidification Sentinel Site

A fishing boat is underway. A rugged coastline and lighthouse is in the background.
Changes in ocean chemistry may be altering the marine food web. These changes may have long term negative consequences for economically and culturally significant fisheries. Photo: NOAA

NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, working closely with tribal and state representatives on the Intergovernmental Policy Council and a Sanctuary Advisory Council working group, designated Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary as a sentinel site for ocean acidification in November 2019.

An Ocean Acidification Sentinel Site (OASeS) on the Olympic Coast of Washington state focuses on related science and identifies trends in carbonate chemistry and hypoxia through collaborative monitoring, research, outreach and public engagement efforts. Although the sanctuary represents a focal area of interest, impacts from changing ocean conditions and the communities affected are broader than the sanctuary boundaries. The sentinel site will help inform regional resource managers and coastal communities by telling the story of ocean acidification and its impacts on Washington coastal marine resources, cultures, communities, and economies. The sentinel site will help ensure that the Olympic Coast is well prepared for changing ocean conditions, with research and information that supports management responses and actions.

See letter of designation here.