Discovery Center

People standing on the shore holding smelt dip nets
Photo: NOAA

Olympic Coast Discovery Center, located on the Port Angeles waterfront, is a great place to begin your learning adventures.

Visitor Information

Plan your trip to Neah Bay, La Push, Kalaloch, or other coastal destinations. Trained Discovery Center staff and dedicated volunteers will provide detailed information on where to hike, where to see whales, the best views, or secluded beaches.

A hiker stands on a large log overlooking the coast filled with more beached logs and a rocky shoreline.
Photo: Matt McIntosh/NOAA

Marine Conservation

Find out what makes national marine sanctuaries so important in our efforts to protect the ocean, marine ecosystems, and marine wildlife. Since each national marine sanctuary is a unique world of its own, discover what makes the Olympic Coast so important. You'll encounter its marine mammals, seabirds, and its habitats, ranging from tidepools to deep-sea canyons.

Secrets of the deep observation on stand
Photo: NOAA

Science and Exploration

In order to protect, we must understand. Ocean scientists use cutting edge technology and tools to visit the ocean floor and understand the sea's mysterious workings. Learn about the history of exploration of the Olympic Coast and the many tools that researchers use to understand the underwater landscapes, living communities and ocean processes that make Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary the ecological treasure it is.

Kids watching a video of s submersible being launched into the ocean
Photo: NOAA

Maritime Heritage

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary occupies a maritime cultural landscape that has supported humans since time immemorial. Stories, songs, place-names, maps, histories, and the remnant traces—ancient villages, shipwrecks, lighthouses—persist as reminders of the many human connections to this corner of the ocean. Today, fishing, transportation, and recreation are central to the region's wealth.

A tribal canoe with multiple paddlers is making its way towards the shore with rocky islands seen in the distance
Photo: NOAA

Visit the Olympic Coast Discovery Center first, then launch your own journey of discovery to the wild and bountiful Olympic Coast.

Olympic Coast Discovery Center

NOAA's Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary
The Wharf
115 East Railroad, Second Floor
Port Angeles, WA, 98362


Open on Wednesdays and weekends, including holidays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm through October 10, 2022. Feel free to drop in, no appointment is necessary during our open season! To schedule a tour in the off-season, please make an appointment in advance: call 360-406-2079 or email Chris Butler-Minor.

Volunteers needed!

Do you love the ocean and learning more about our local marine environment and cultural heritage? Do you enjoy meeting new people and sharing information about our home on the Olympic Peninsula? If so, NOAA's Olympic Coast Discovery Center is the place for you!

Come join the fun and sign up to be a volunteer docent with us!

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, email Chris Butler-Minor.