Oceanographic Mooring Data

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary mooring data are processed through the following steps:

  1. Raw instrument downloads are collected in the field.
  2. Initial processing is done for the following to produce calibrated data:
    1. Sea-Bird Electronics (SBE) data files are processed by SBE software to produce ASCII text files containing calibrated outputs for parameters such as oxygen, depth, temperature, and salinity
    2. Onset "TidbiT" sensor data files are processed by Onset software to output ASCII text files containing time and temperature
    3. WETLabs fluorometer data files are loaded into MATLAB and calibrations applied by software developed at OCNMS.
  3. All data are loaded into MATLAB "structures" and bad data are flagged by a combination of automatic and subjective criteria.
  4. Low-pass filtered data are added to the data structure.
  5. Data are grouped and compressed into "ZIP" files for delivery

For a detailed description of the data format, please see our data description document (133k pdf)

Download Data by Year

All past years' locations are listed in the table of historical locations.