Surfing and Paddling

Multiple surfers prepare for waves while standing or sitting on their board in the surf.
Photo: NOAA

Surfing delivers the challenges and rewards of Olympic Coast breaks, fueled by big Pacific swells. Check out NOAA National Data Buoy Center to find information on wave buoys, tides, and currents. First Beach, located in La Push on the Quileute Indian Reservation, and Hobuck Beach, in Neah Bay on Makah Indian Reservation, are well known surf spots, as well as the more backcountry surf destination known as Shi Shi Beach in Olympic National Park. Don’t forget to wear a wetsuit! The waters here can be quite cold.

Two kayakers in lifejackets paddle in waters off a rocky coastline
Photo: NOAA

Sea kayaking along the Olympic Coast offers unrivaled views of soaring sea stacks, intricate rock formations, and unspoiled beaches. Be sure to monitor conditions, exercise caution in this extreme and remote environment, and make sure you have the necessary skills to safely kayak these waters. For safety, it is suggested to carry a VHF radio with you in case you need to call for help, and wear a helmet.