People standing on the shore holding smelt dip nets
People stand along the surfy shoreline holding smelt dip nets and overlooking rocky offshore islands. Photo: Janet Lamont

Fishing for salmon, halibut, lingcod, and occasionally, albacore tuna can be incredibly exciting and rewarding.

A man holding a fishing rod
A man, wearing a red United States Military Corps hat, stands on the back of a vessel holding a fishing rod. Seas are calm and there are offshore islands seen in the distance Photo: NOAA

Fishing charters are available from Neah Bay, Sekiu, La Push, and Westport.

Shore-based fishing for surfperch and surf smelt are available to recreational harvesters along sandy beaches. Fall, winter, and spring low tides are popular for razor clamming. Fishing and shellfish gathering are regulated and licenses are required. See Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Fishing and Shellfishing basics.