Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary News and Events
Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary News and Events
Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary News and Events Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary News and Events

Sanctuary News 2015

Baby killer whales! And other updates, at The Whale Trail's next Orca Talk
West Seattle Blog
The baby boom among Puget Sound's orcas has given new hope to the humans who love them. You'll hear more about them – and the Southern Resident Killer Whale adults – at The Whale Trail's next Orca Talk event, just announced for 7:30 pm December 3rd at C & P Coffee Company. The Whale Trail is currently adding new sites along the North American west coast, from BC to California. The Whale Trail is led by a core team of partners including NOAA Fisheries, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Seattle Aquarium, the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, and the Whale Museum.”

Fisheries Service approves Navy plan to expand sonar testing, other warfare training in area waters
Phuong Le - The Associated Press
The National Marine Fisheries Service said Thursday it has authorized the U.S. Navy's proposal to expand sonar testing and other warfare training off the Northwest coast. The training zone includes areas off the North Olympic Peninsula's Pacific Coast — including the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary — off Indian Island and in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Feiro offers underwater robotics
Sequim Gazette
Youths in middle and high school can join staff and volunteers from Feiro Marine Life Center and the NOAA Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary to learn how to design and build remotely operated vehicles (ROV) that can be "flown" underwater.

Weekend: Volunteers to clean up at area beaches Saturday
Diane Urbani de la Paz - Peninsula Daily News
This Saturday is summer's last one — the autumnal equinox arrives next Wednesday - and just in time comes a reason to spend the morning at the beach. The International Coast Cleanup, organized by the Ocean Conservancy, encompasses scores of sandy, pebbly places on the North Olympic Peninsula, from Rialto Beach and Cape Alava to Dungeness Spit and Fort Worden State Park. There are easy-to-reach beaches and more rugged ones. And as the global effort reaches its 30th anniversary this weekend, Washington CoastSavers coordinator Jon Schmidt is inviting volunteers to pick their pleasure.

West Coast Harmful Algal Bloom Research Effort Gets New Grant Award
The Fish Site
The US' National Oceanic and Atmospheric Atmospheric (NOAA) announced today that it is committing $88,000 in grant and event response funding for Washington state to monitor and analyse an unusually large bloom of toxic algae off its coast. Project partners in the new NOAA response effort include the NWFSC, the University of Washington, including the Olympic Natural Resources Center's Olympic Regional HAB Partnership Partnership, Washington State Department of Health, Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, Quileute Tribe, Quinault Indian Nation, and Makah Tribe, Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, and NANOOS, which is the Pacific Northwest regional component of the NOAA-led U.S. IOOS.

Protecting Vital Waters as Marine Sanctuaries
By Mike Boots
Forty years ago, President Ford approved the designation of the country's first marine sanctuary - the USS Monitor National Marine Sanctuary, protecting the shipwreck of one of the most famous Civil War ironclads. Since then, 13 other marine protected areas have been added to the Sanctuary system, encompassing more than 150,000 square miles of ocean along our coasts, in the Great Lakes, and near the Hawaiian islands and American Samoa.

Like the Monitor, some of these sanctuaries and monuments provide insight into our nation's history. Others protect areas rich in biological diversity and significant for scientific research and discovery. Many are economically valuable for fishing, tourism, and recreation. Together, the network of sanctuaries helps preserve a natural resource that all Americans depend on, no matter where they live: a healthy and thriving ocean.

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